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We work for you. We work for Spain. We will promote the transparency and efficiency of Public Administrations, especially the Administration of Justice, carrying out the necessary steps to achieve total independence from the rest of the State's powers. We will actively work to get justice done with certain groups of society, such as those robbed of investments in tangible assets and pensioners, among others.

martes, 14 de mayo de 2019

Atención - Nuevos Actos de Centristas por Europa - ¡Por una Europa de las personas!

¡¡No podéis faltar!!

Nules  (Castellón) - Miércoles, 15 de mayo

                              Barcelona - Jueves, 16 de mayo

                            Zaragoza - Viernes, 17 de Mayo 

                 Murcia - Viernes y Sábado 17 y 18 de Mayo 

¡¡Allí nos vemos!!

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